Afternoon Enrichment

Afternoon Enrichment:

This program offers classes in foreign language, science, geography, mixed media art, dance, drama, and indoor games.

Here we journey around the globe learning about different countries and cultures. We “visit” such countries as Asia, Europe, Central America and Africa. In Science, we learn about how things work and why they work the way they do. Why does everything that goes up have to come down? Gravity! What is invisible but can spread easily and make us sick? Germs! In language arts, we learn how to count to 10 in Chinese and how to say colors and items of clothing. In Art, we use different materials like washable paints, pipe cleaners, glue and glitter while developing our fine motor skills and artistic abilities. In Gym, we learn about coordination by playing fun games and in Dance, we learn about balance and moving with grace!

Child Steps is an equal opportunity care provider and employer.

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