1. Are teachers trained in CPR?

Yes. Our teachers are CPR certified and First Aid Certified.

2. Do I have to pay tuition for days off?

Yes. Tuition is calculated on a monthly basis which is averaged out over the

        school year.

3. Do I have to pay extended care hours for days off?

Yes. Extended care hours are part of the monthly fee.

4. If my child is absent, shall I call to let the school know?

Yes. We appreciate notification as we keep an attendance record.

5. When is tuition due?

Tuition is due at the beginning of each month. A late fee will be assessed if

not paid by the 10th of the month. If unable to do so, we will establish an

individual payment plan.

6. Can someone other than the allocated “pick up” person(s) take my child


Yes, however the school must be notified of this arrangement and the

person must bring a picture ID.

7. Does my child have to be potty trained to enter the 3 year class or Tots


Please contact the location you are interested in having your child attend as both

have different policies regarding potty training requirements.

8. Does the school supply food? 

No. We want parent and child both to be happy with the food choices.

Daily snacks and lunches are provided from home. The Havertown location is a

nut-free school so please do not send in food that contains any type of peanuts

or tree nuts. The Broomall location is NOT nut-free.

9. Are birthdays celebrated in school?

Yes. We enjoy celebrating special days with the children.

10. Do you send monthly tuition bills?

No we do not.

10. Can I change my child’s schedule?

If the school year has not yet started, we may be able to accommodate

your request depending on availability.


Child Steps is an equal opportunity care provider and employer.

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