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Child Steps Fee Schedule 2018-19

Half Day:

5 mornings $290.00 per month
4 mornings $270.00 per month
3 mornings $250.00 per month
2 mornings $220.00 per month

Full Day:

5 days $495.00 per month
4 days $475.00 per month
3 days $435.00 per month
2 days $385.00 per month
5 mornings + 4 afternoons $475.00 per month
5 mornings + 3 afternoons $455.00 per month
5 mornings + 2 afternoons $435.00 per month
4 mornings + 3 afternoons $445.00 per month
4 mornings + 2 afternoons $425.00 per month
3 mornings + 2 afternoons $395.00 per month
Full day Kindergarten $495.00 per month
Kindergarten AM/PM Enrichment $385.00 per month
Extended Hours Our AM Club (7:30AM-9:00AM) is $7.50/day and our PM Club (3:00PM-5:30PM) is $12.50/day. These are flat fees regardless of drop-off and/or pickup times and are due at the beginning of each month along with tuition. Please see the Child Steps Preeschool & Kindergarten Handbook for additional extended care policies.
Registration Fee There is a $150.00 registration fee. An additional $75 registration fee is required for each sibling. There is also an additional $50 activity fee per child. The total registration cos per child is $200, the cost for two siblings is $325. These fees, along with the first month’s tuition are non-refundable and are due at the time of registration.
Tuition Tuition is based on a 10 month commitment (September – June) and is broken down into 10 monthly payments. The fee is based on a monthly average and includes all holidays, absences and/or vacations. Tuition is due the first of each month, with the exception of the first month’s tuition which is due at registration and is non-refundable. Your child will not be allowed to begin attending school until tuition is received. A $5.00 per diem charge will be added if tuition is received after the 10th of the month unless special arrangements have been previously made with the director.
Withdrawal In the event you withdraw your child, you must notify us in writing 30 days prior to your child’s last day. You are responsible for tuition up until your child’s final day of enrollment.


Child Steps is an equal opportunity care provider and employer.

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